Friday, November 8, 2013

Sam & Suzy This Week

who is this boy??

Last weekend was a Mommy and Sam weekend. Rob was in New York getting ready and running the NYC Marathon, who did awesome btw!

I was hoping me and Sam could do something special together, but there's not much to do with a baby around here. I thought he was still a bit young for a return visit to the Childrens Museum, which I had originally wanted to do when thinking about this weekend months ago. Instead we ran some errands together, went shopping and had lunch. I also ran with the BOB stroller, which was nice (the stroller part, the run was awful) Nothing really special, but it was fun being out and about just us. He's such a good boy though! For the most part, it was pretty easy taking care of him all by myself for 4 days. You just gotta plan and stay ahead of things.

Oh yeah...I totally gave Sam a haircut!! His hair had been looking just dirty all the time and getting in his eyes and ears. He was sitting so nice in his bathtub, that I decided to give him a trim. I can't believe how different he looks! It actually makes me sad because he looks like a little boy and not a baby. Once all his hair starts growing at a normal pace and even all around I'm planning on leaving it a bit longer again. It just fits him.

This week has been a bit rough at nights. Since Saturday, Sam's been waking up around 3ish just crying and crying. He had been grabbing at his ear so I took him to the doctors to see if he had an ear infection. Turns out he has swimmers ear and had to get drops. I think he's teething too (droooooooool) and which could be effecting his ears as well.

Other than that, he is amazing! He's talking more and more. He gets so happy when you mimic him too. Like, "Hey! That's what I'm saying!" Sam's starting to squeal when he sees something he likes too, like his stuffed animals and food.

I'm in my 2nd week into my half marathon training. It's been causing me more stress and anxiety than I ever imagined. Who knew?? I've been doing a great job, but the thought of having to run more and more miles in the evenings when it starts to get dark has got me in a tizzy. I tried running on the treadmill and I almost started crying because it was so grueling. They don't call it dreadmill for nothing. The next day I was just a ball of nerves and frustration that I ran my 2 miles very very fast.

But all this stress is good! I know it's more than just the running that's causing me to feel this way. Being a mom and being tied to a baby is stressful. I love it, but it's a hard thing to get used to. I feel that making myself go through this training will help me sort out the other stress and frustrations that I've been feeling. Rob always tells me that running helps him sort out his head.


Dena Joan said...

poor baby! ear infections are the worst. hope he gets well soon! that picture of him is just absolutely the cutest thing ever. he is getting so big. he looks so handsome with that haircut -- you did such a good job! and good on you for sticking with your training even though it's tough. you're an inspiration! xo

Unknown said...

He is the cutest!

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