Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sam on the move!

This weekend Sam really started moving around. I actually had to walk way while watching him on Sunday because I was going to start crying*

Since learning how to army crawl (i call it a zombie crawl, hee hee) Sam's world as gotten so much bigger and he knows it too. He's no longer satisfied with just being on his blanket with his toys. Or even just laying on the bed, he needs to see what's on the nightstand. You can see the pride and confidence in him as well, which I just love. I am a proud mama!

It's amazing to watch a baby grow. First they learn to hold up their heads because laying on their back is boring. Then they start to roll over because they want to choose what they want to do. Next they want to sit up or stand in an exersauser/walker because there's just so much to see! And now, well, now they are ready to explore this world that was always out of reach. Soon crawling is too slow and walking is so much faster!

I remember those first few weeks when time moved slow. We lived moment to moment. I actually really liked it. Now all of a sudden time is moving so fast! Sam is growing and every week he's doing something new. It's so exciting and a bit sad too. Thinking about it reminds me that we need to strive living in the moment more. No need to think about tomorrow, or wonder when will Sam do this or that.

*seriously?! this hormones need to chill! hee hee


Dena said...

It's so exciting. My sister's baby -- who is about the same age as Sam -- is doing the same army crawl! It's really the cutest thing! How exciting and terrifying all at once. Time IS moving so fast. <3 And shows no signs of slowing!

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