Friday, November 8, 2013

Blog Challenge Day8: 5 Current Goals

1. Train and run a half marathon - Y'all know this one. I want to prove to myself that I can do this. I want to force myself to get into shape.

2. Live a more simple life with less - This is something that I've been trying to do since we moved from Arizona to New York in a one bedroom apartment and I realized how much crap I had. But now, I really want to strive to do this, 'specially with Sam. I want to have less clutter in the house, buy quality and only what I need. I want Sam to learn to appreciate what he has and not be overwhelmed with too many toys and stuff.

3. Learn to use my digital camera with manual settings - We did not spend a lot of money for me to always use my camera on auto. Shame on you!

4. Cook more - So silly, but it's true! Rob has been doing practically all the cooking since I had Sam. He doesn't mind, but I miss being in the kitchen and cooking new recipes.

5. Start crafting again - I have so many little things I want to make!


Unknown said...

Learning to use my camera is on my list too! I'm so determined to get off of the auto setting!

I also need to get back into the hang of cooking more. I miss it so much!

Dena Joan said...

I am constantly striving to live with less. Even though we're pretty "minimalist" there is still room for improvement. Cooking should be on my list, too. I've been cooking a lot lately, but I'm aiming to increase the whole foods in our diet and decrease processed. You are so lucky that Rob cooks. I wish Matthew would cook once in awhile. It would be such a help.

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