Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 15: Where Will You Be In 5 Years

In 5 years Sam will be starting school (or just about to). By then, I keep telling Rob, we need to decide what we're doing in terms of where we live. I love our house, I love our neighborhood and neighbors and we've very lucky to be close to good grocery stores and such. But, we often talk about one day wanting a home that's a bit smaller, a bit older and where we can have chickens. (oh and a big garden and solar panels!) I always say we have until Sam starts school, but that'll happen before we know it!

I'm pretty sure North Carolina is our home now. We both have great jobs and we're starting to build friendships here. We finally found our groove with this place. We have the mountain and beaches close by to visit. Weather is great, with a bit of everything. Charlotte is building up their cool arty culture, good food and of course good beer. Every so often I yearn to live somewhere like Portland or California, but I'm tired of moving and to start all over again it just so so hard. So Charlotte it is.

If we stay in our house, I want to really clean it up and make each room clean, simplified (but cozy) and finished looking. Actually, I'd like to do that regardless. I'd like to screen in our porch too. Maybe we'll put new tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms. Oh and we totally need to paint inside and might as well the outside too.

If we do move in 5 years, we want a single story home that's 20+ years, aka with a lot of character. We'd like to be able to have chickens. I would LOVE to have a metal roof. We'd have to find a good school, another reason why I don't want to leave our home here.

In 5 years, I like to have traveled more too. Become more out doorsie, like hiking and camping. Have great adventures as a family.


Dena Joan said...

Wonderful goals & I hope that they all come true for you guys! <3

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