Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy (super late) BIrthday Puppies!!

I feel like the worst dog mommy in the world...we forgot Molly and Ginny's birthday!! We celebrate both on Nov. 1st, the day we adopted Molly and Ginny was born in Nov. But this year we have Sam and that was the day Rob went to New York. You better believe we are celebrating tonight with good treats and a walk.

Happy Birthday Molly! You are our first kid. You are sweet and silly and I couldn't even get mad at you when you ate the mole on our rug. You taught me and Rob a lot about taking care of something together. I love how one of your most favorite things is belly rubs in the grass.

Happy Birthday Ginny! I still feel guilty when Rob said he brought you home and I was so so upset. We had just given Mason back since he wasn't a good fit and Tony asked if we could keep you for a couple of days while he makes room at his shelter. But we never gave you back. You taught me to be patient and more calm because you were so scared and skiddish. You are so smart and loving.

I love you guys so much! And as I keep telling you, things are wonky around here right now and I wish we could play and walk with you more, but it's just for a little bit. Then Sam will be older and we'll all be back to normal and it'll be so much more fun because Sam will want to play with you.


Dena Joan said...

Happy Birthday, Pups! Molly kinda looks like Bella -- especially with that expression. Bella makes that one all the time!

Unknown said...

Aw, happy birthday! They're precious!

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