Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 10 - Best Trip of Your Life

The best trip of my life was when we went to Tokyo, Japan a few years ago. You can totally read about my trip in detail here and see our photos here.


It was such an amazing trip! We had always wanted to go, so Rob and I were like, "Let's just go!" We spent about a year saving up money and learning Japanese (I took some in highschool, but I was very rusty) And in May 2013 we went!

We decided to just do Tokyo on this trip because it's such a big city and we didn't want to be rushed by trying to visit other parts of the country. It also makes a great excuse to have to visit Japan again.

Tokyo is an amazing city. It very clean, everyone is very polite despite the mass amount of people and there's like shopping galore. Tucked away among the tall building and modern life, there's temples and gardens and museums. My favorite place in Tokyo was the Meiji Jingu temple that was right next to Harajuku. It's a beautiful temple tucked away in a park. There's a huge tree in it and a place to hang up your prayers. When you're around so many buildings and people, it's just nice to get away from it all.


The sushi was amazing. We loved all the cans of coffee. We ate at Denny's and McDonald (ick). We bought fried octopus balls from an old guy outside one of the parks. We drank whiskey and sake that we got from a vending machine. And the udon noodle bowls was so awesome that I am in search of something like that here.

We had fun looking at all the shops. I bought tons of cute things. We went to arcades and a ninja themed restaurant. And you know I went to a cat cafe!


We plan on going back in a few years. We'll be going to Kyoto next, to see the more traditional side of Japan. We also can't wait to bring Sam too!


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