Monday, November 4, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 4: Your Dream Job

I always wanted to be an illustrator. That's all I ever talked about. But now in the past few years as my passion for drawing becomes less and less (hello adult world) I just find myself drifting away from it because the lack of time and truthfully inspiration. That actually makes me pretty sad typing this out!

I tell myself that this is just a phase and I'll regain my passion again. I know as Sam gets older I'll start doing art projects with him. I picture me and him drawing together, making all sorts of pictures from his wild and endless imagination! And then that'll full my passion again and I'll start drawing more and more and I will illustrate that children's book that I've always wanted to do!


Dena Joan said...

Now, having seen your work on your old site, I can totally appreciate this post! You are so, incredibly talented. It's awesome to hear that you love your job. I've honestly never had a job that I loved in my life -- until now of course. I always did things to make money, tried with all of my might to like them, but ended up miserable. I hope that one day -- when I go "back to work" full-time that I can love my job, too.

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