Monday, November 18, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 17 - My favorite blogs

Personal blogs are my favorites and right now baby blogs. I love reading about other peoples lives and not in a nosy way, but a way to feel connected.

But I can't really pick favorites because each offer something unique and special. Instead I'll share my top 3 non personal blogs. - This is my go to blog about everything nerdy. They talk about tv shows, movies, science and other geeky things.

Brit Co - I actually use their app, but it's still a blog. This blog posts crafts, fashion, food and real great tech stuff.

Maddie on Things - Maddie is an amazing dog (rescue of course) who has the sweetest face and a wicked balance, which her owner loves to take photos of her doing some pretty fun things. This is my go to feel good blog.


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