Friday, November 22, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 22 - Your Worst Habits

Ha ha, I can't wait to read other's worst habits. Here are mine:

- While I don't pop my knuckles anymore, I do pop my hip and my chest (didn't know you could do that huh?)

- I bite my cuticles

- I'm very bad at returning phones...or just making phone calls in general

- I avoid any sort of social interaction if I can

- I spend WAY too much time mindlessly on the internet, 'specially Facebook

- I don't make eye contact when I talk with people

- I bitch and moan before EVERY run


farzana hossain said...

Such a nice way to say bad things specially about yourself. I mean you are doing it with flair! Always Loved the way you express!!

Dena said...

Oh boy -- I crack my knuckles all the time... and my back and my neck and my legs.... LOL... I am terrible with the phone, too. Ugh. I hate it. I even hate texting. I am the worst non-returner of calls and texts. I'm surprised my friends even keep me around. ;]

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