Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 12: Your Favorite Childhood Book

I can't really recall any favorite books when I was real little. I did like the Indian and the Cupboard books. I really didn't start reading a lot until I was a teenager. That's where I really started to read all. the. time. Rob and I both love books and hope to instill the same passion to Sam!

One book series that will always stand out is the Dinosaur World series by Stephen Leigh. I was in junior high when I bought the first book at a book fair. How could I not get it, it had a dinosaur on the cover? Come to find out that this book was based on The Sound of Thunder, my favorite short story by Ray Bradbury! As a kid, this book and the ones that followed after were awesome!

To make these books even that more special to me, in the back of the book they gave the address from the publisher if you wanted to write them a letter. I wrote them saying how much I loved the book and I (of course) sent along a picture I drew. Not only did I receive a letter back from the publisher, he sent along my letter to the author and HE wrote me back as well! Throughout the span of the book series we wrote back and forth. Just me saying what I thought of the books and a drawing and them saying thank you. I still have those letters and they mean the world to me, 'specially back in a time where correspondence was still through letters being mailed, where to world was a bit bigger.


Dena Joan said...

How adorable is it that they wrote back to you!! LOVE! I also hope that Roman has my love for reading. <3

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