Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 6: What Are You Afraid Of

I thought I'd go with a something that's a bit silly, something I like to laugh about.

I'm afraid of earthquakes.

Of course that's something to be afraid of. We've seen the damage it can cause. But I don't live anywhere near earthquakes! 

I was born in California and lived there till I was 12. There were earthquakes all the time. In fact, 2 years in a row, there was a big earthquake on my birthday! Growing up in an area with earthquakes and being afraid of them, I got very jumpy at every rumble, loud noise, truck going by and whatnot. You'd think that moving away and growing up that would disappear. Nope. I STILL get jumpy. 

To makes things even better, when my mom came to visit a few years ago here in North Carolina, me and her were just sitting around and things started to shake. Not a lot mind you, but I shot up and went straight to the doorway (in school you learn where the safest places are). My mom thought I had gone crazy! But things shook a little more! It was a freaking earthquake. HERE!! What were the odds of that happening when my mom came to visit? I called Rob at work and he didn't believe me because he didn't feel anything. Later we found out that it was a decent size earthquake in Virginia that was deep enough to be felt from North Carolina and New York.

And of course, I'm afraid it can happen again here. Sometimes at home, you'll see me quickly look up at the ceiling fan to see if the chain is moving because I thought I felt something.

I will tell you one thing. While we were in Japan, I barely thought about there being an earthquake. Thankfully, this was before the big one that happened the next year.


Dena Joan said...

I am afraid of natural disasters, too! I totally forgot to add that to my list. I suppose it is lower down on the list, but still. Ugh. We felt that earthquake here, too. Well, I was driving so I didn't feel it but even though we're all the way up in NJ there was mayhem around here. I cannot imagine living in a place like CA for where earthquakes are a regular occurrence. My anxiety would probably get the better of me!

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