Saturday, November 2, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 2

Woooo! Here we go!

1. I was born in Southern California and lived there till I was 12.

2. I lived in Arizona, Vancouver Canada, California (again), Arizona (again), New York and North Carolina.

3. My parents are from Croatia and all my relatives still live there. I understand the language, I can speak some of it and I've been there quite a few times. That also makes me first generation American.

4. I am a HUGE geek. I love sci-fi movies and books, I read comics, I play video games, I watch anime, I can do some web coding and love computers...Apple.

5. I can draw really well! In fact up until recently, I always wanted to be an illustrator. Here's some old stuff.

4. I have a dinosaur tattoo. (oh one more thing to add to my geekiness)

5. I'm pretty crafty too. I can crochet, sew, embroider and other fun stuff.

6. I love beer! I love drinking craft and local beer. I've been to a few beer festivals and we've spent over $200 on a couple rare brews.

7. My favorite movies are The Fifth Element and Hook.

8. I love Japan and its culture. We went to Tokyo a few years ago.

9. I have an older brother (13 years older) and an older sister (10 years older)

(this is a lot tougher than i thought!)

10. I went to college for graphic illustration and digital imaging.

11. I love Photoshop and have been using it since I was around 12. (back around when the internet first came around)

12. I've kept up a website or blogs for the last 12 years.

13. I used to role play in an X-Men chat room. I even had my own character Shade, who I drew ALL the time. (am I nerdy enough yet??)

14. My sign is Cancer (cardinal even) and it fits me perfectly.

15. I was a loner most of my teen years and I'm pretty socially awkward. It's hard for me to make friends.

16. I write with my left hand.

17. Robbie Williams is one of my favorite musicians.

18. I love doing yoga.

19. Rob and I met through online dating. We've been together since our first date 10 years ago.

20. I used to weigh around 200 lbs and I lost around 90 lbs. Mostly through eating healthy and exercising.


Dena Joan said...

It's so much harder than it seems, right!? LOL... I loved reading this! You & I have so much in common, it's kinda scary. I've kept a blog since 1999. Oh, the good old days of Diaryland & Livejournal. ;)

Suzy said...

Ha ha, totally! I've also had a LiveJournal and Diaryland.

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