Monday, January 6, 2014

Head on Over!!

Hi! Guess what? I have Hello-Suzy up and running now! (ok, it still needs a lot of work, buuuuut it's up!!) I've got 3 new posts up too! WOAH.'s time for me to go to bed.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BALANCE for 2014

Happy New Year!
Thanksgiving is warm and loving. Christmas is magical. New Years is inspirational. Now is the time to start over and set out to do the things you've dreamed of.

For the new year there's one word to describe my goals...


I want to work on balancing my life since having a baby has really shook up and changed my world. Not in a bad way, but I still find myself  grasping at my old life and being upset when it just doesn't work out.

My time. To let myself relax, but also push myself to work on projects like sewing, drawing and baking.

My body. To exercise and get my body into shape again and to eat good. To feel at ease and accept this new body.

My mind. Meditate, yoga, positivity and being able to let go. To catch myself before I get too upset or overwhelmed.

My role as mom, wife and me. I will always be Sam's mom, but I need to be Rob's wife again and find time to be just that. I also need to be myself and not feel guilty about it.

Our finances. Time to grow up and take care of our money. To not waste it and plan for big things like trips or the home.

Our home. I really want to simplify the house and its clutter. To finally clean up the boxes and junk. To fix up the office. To only keep clothes that I wear, fit and of good quality.