Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 11: 10 Favorite Foods

I LOVE food! I am very grateful to grow up in a home where my mom cooked a lot and a lot of traditional Croatian and european dishes. It's definitely made me appreciate all kinds of food. I can honestly say that there are very few foods that I don't like. Most foods that I don't eat now it more of a health thing, like beef or soda or highly processed foods.

Here are my top 10:

1. Pizza- This is one food I can eat all the time. We used to make our own pizza (dough and all) every Friday. I'm not a huge fan of New York style pizza, too thin. I like my crust a bit bubbly, but not deep dish. Oh and pizza needs to have red sauce! My fav pizza is from this place down the road, it's sicilian style with fresh mozzarella cheese and their home sauce.

2. Sushi- Of course some of the best sushi we had was in Japan, but Arizona had a lot of great places too, considering it's way far from any ocean. I like classic sushi. I'm not a fan of the "let's see how much we can shove and fry" rolls.

3. Salads- I LOVE me a good salad! I love putting all sorts of healthy stuff on a salad. Nothing makes me feel more healthier than a good salad. In fact, that's what's for lunch today.

4. Borek- Borek is kind of like a Croatian strudel made with meat. It was always a special treat when my mom would make it because it's a bit time consuming.

5. Venison- We've been very fortunate to have friends who give us deer meat. I love the taste of it, even if it's gamey tasting. One of our favorite things to make is Sloppy Doe.

6. Udon- Udon is everywhere in Japan, which makes me sad that it's hard to find here where we live. Now udon is not the same as ramen. Udon's noodles are thick and hearty, while ramen is thin. Gosh, talking about this is making me hungry!

7. Dark Chocolate- I like the really dark stuff. Give me anything above 70% cacao and don't think that milk chocolate is even in the same category.

(I had to stop writing this post because I was getting way too hungry! ha ha)

8. Cupcakes- What better way to eat cake? I like the different flavors the most. Get wild and crazy on me! We had this whiskey cupcake a few months back....whew! so boozy!

9. Cabo Style Mexican Tacos/Street Tacos - Typically grilled meat or fish with fresh ingredients. There's a place here in North Carolina that makes great tacos!

10. Tofu Chicken Salad - I really like tofu. Make it into a chicken salad, even better!!


Dena said...

Such a fantastic list. If it weren't for the fact that I JUST ate, this would have made me so hungry. I LOVE sushi, too! I could eat it every day -- no joke. I also love traditional food. Matthew's mother is from Russia and she makes some incredible dishes, like other-worldly. Sometimes, I feel ripped off that my family is so "American" and macaroni was considered a special dinner at my house. :( LOL!

Kay H said...

I can't believe I forgot sushi on my life! Love it. And ditto about the deer meat. So good! We rarely eat anything else!

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