Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 14: 3 Healthy Habits

I was a very unhealthy teenager. I stayed inside, watched tv and played video games all day. I did not eat healthy at all! Breakfast was Oreos. No wonder why I got to 200 lbs! My parents thought diet pills were the answer, but that's so so bad and barely worked! I finally started eating healthy and started moving. It took me a few years and LOTS of learning and growing up, but I managed to lose about 90 lbs.

Because of achieving that, I am very much a healthy cheerleader. I love encouraging people and showing them that while it may be hard sometimes, for the most part being healthy is very easy!

Here are some of my healthy habits:

1. Be positive about being healthy! This is a hard one, but if you stay positive you're more likely to make better choices. You will be less likely to eat your feelings or sulk on the couch. Celebrate the good choices you made today. Be grateful for all the work your body does. Don't focus on the bad, like losing weight, focus that you're doing something good for yourself and losing weight is an added bonus. (ha ha, ask me what i think about this when i step on the scale in the morning)

2. Eat smaller portions. I tend to have a lot of stomach issues and I found that if I ate smaller portions, I felt so much better. On the plus side, I lost a lot of weight like that too. Sometimes I feel satisfied with just having a bite of something, just a taste.

3. Get some fresh air!  Nothing is more inspiring that just being outside. Even if it's just standing in your backyard soaking in some sun. Being outside is good for your body and your mind.


Unknown said...

We've been working on eating smaller portions - it makes such a difference!

Dena Joan said...

These are awesome suggestions. Exactly what I needed today!

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