Friday, November 29, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 28 - Most Embarrassing Moment

Another tough one. Seriously, I feel like I embarrass myself all the time. And since it happens a lot, I just laugh it off.

I guess the whole Flogging Molly concert incident is pretty embarrassing. Last year, while I was pregnant, we got tickets to Flogging Molly. I was so stoked. I had know about this concert for a couple months and we were totally ready to have a fun night! We got the tickets on Thursday and Fridat we were all set. Rob worked from home so the dogs weren't coupes up all day. Later that afternoon I was looking on Facebook and the place we were going to eat for dinner mentioned Flogging Molly preconcert drink specials, which was posted over 24 hours ago. Why would they post something like that he day before the concert? Then it dawned on me...the concert was the day before!!! I felt sooooo bad! I laughed out it, but still...pretty embarrassing!

(Typing this on the iPad, so things may be wonky)


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