Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 9: What's in Your Bag/Wallet

Yesterday was pretty busy, so I'm a day late on this.

I'm kind of glad for this one because I needed to clean out the diaper bag. But I'm showing everything that was in there (including the random stuff)

Top Left to Right:
-Some Honest diapers. I love these diapers. It's my alternative to cloth and Sam doesn't get many diaper rashes.

-My diaper bag. It's been a dream to own an Oral Kiely bag and they were on sale and I figured I'm going to be a mom and will need a diaper bag more. It may not be very gender neutral, but it's an awesome bag.

- Attached to the bag is a beer bottle opener...cuz ya know, you never know when you'll need one.

- Taggy blanket that was a gift for Sam.

- Random papers including doctor appointment cards.

- Formula holder

- Organic Baby sunblock

- Burts Bees diaper cream (not a big fan, but I like the size)

- Honest wipes

- Socks, hat and sun glasses....hello, summer is over Suzy

- A panty liner and ONE, just one, breast pad

- Links, aka great distraction

- Car keys

- Comb

- Bunny toy

- iPhone

- Snacks, mostly from Trader Joes

- My clutch/wallet from REI. I don't carry a purse anymore and this is great.


Dena Joan said...

Oooh, I loved this. There is something about these "in my bag" posts that I adore. I must be some kind of closet voyeur or something... LOL. Your diaper bag is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

That bag is gorgeous! And even the pack of wipes is adorable! Baby things have gotten so much cuter over the past 6 years!

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