Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 13: What's Inside Your Fridge

It's mid week and the fridge is a bit bare. We've been bad about stocking up, meaning more likely to eat out or go to the store over and over.

Some of the items in there:
- Beer, mostly brews from Asheville, NC
- Almond milk for me
- Organic cow milk for Rob
- Coconut water for my long runs
- Peas for Sam
- A couple jars of sauce that are getting a bit fuzzy (ugh, shame on me!)
- Spinach and other veggies for salads
- Super yummy breaded chicken got for an amazing deal at EarthFare
- Yogurts
- Pickles
- Beer yeast
- Old bottle of nail polish
- Virgil's Rootbeer
- Baileys


Dena Joan said...

Mmmm... Virgil's Root Beer and TJ's Coconut Water. <3 Your fridge reminds me of my own. Fuzzy sauce and all!

Unknown said...

Love coconut water!

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