Friday, June 28, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 12 weeks and 33 years

Yay! Yesterday officially started the Summer Fun Week! Rob's parents are down here for a week and it's my birthday today! My birthday to 4th of July has always been a week of fun a celebration.

It was so fun to have Sam see his grandparents again. He smiled and talked to them so much. I was actually surprised. Rob's mom brought so many old toys that Rob and his brothers played with when they were super young. There's a Little People house and a Fisher-Price ridey horse! Sam also got a bunch out cute outfits too. Lucky boy!

I'd also like to mention that Sam gave me the most amazing birthday present! He gave me 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Thank you little man!

Sam got his second set of the 2 month vaccines. Such a champ! He cried for not even a minute and was smiling by the time we got home. He got measured again, grew half an inche and gained about a pound.

He's so close to laughing! I try to find things that really make him smile. I do this silly scream that gets him grinning and he's loving his contrast book more and more. It's so cute to see him get excited when I flip to a new page.

I am 33 years old today! I think that 33 is going to be awesome. I'm a mom now! I don't have to blow out my candles anymore and wish that we'd get pregnant. Gosh, I don't even know what to wish for anymore, I have everything that I want!

So putting that aside. Umm....hello did I get my period?! Ugh, another smack in the face that this whole breast feeding thing is screwy with me. But yup, welcome back period! I'm curious to see what this means for my breast feeding in the future. So far I'm not noticing a huge difference. Having my period did mess with me and I had bad anxiety for a couple of days. I took some of my placenta tincture and it helped so much! I felt clear headed the next day.


Dena Joan said...

happy birthday!! what a great picture of you & sam. enjoy your week of fun. XOXO

Suzy said...

Thank you!!

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