Thursday, June 6, 2013


- Getting artwork from Sam, the best thing ever!

- I've worked out a couple times with my Post Natal Bootcamp DVD and it feels great to get moving again. I was even sore a couple days later.

- Watching Sam look at the mirror that's above him in his swing. He is just so happy and talkative.

- I got to buy some clothes for me and Sam. Capris for me and cute koala onesies for Sam.

- Sloppy Joe in a biscuit pocket, yum!

- Thursdays Rob and I go and have a beer after work at the beer garden next door. Yay for mini dates.

- Seeing Sam lift his head so high during tummy time.

- Hearing that Sam has been real good at daycare.

- As horrifying as last week's Game of Thrones was, I love that show.

- Ordered a HotMilk nursing bra for cheap from Zulily.

- When we pick up Sam from daycare and he's never crying.

- Our morning drives to work. Rob and I tend to have fun talks.

- Our fig tree is looking awesome this year and we have a couple tiny figs beginning to grow.


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