Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Super Summer Challenge Update

Just chillin' outside

I am loving the Super Summer Challenge! It gets me motivated to do all these things!

For instance, last Friday I was sick and working from home. On my lunch break I grabbed a quilt and I decided to go out in the back yard and eat outside, a mini picnic! A picnic was on my challenge list. On Saturday I ate outside again. It felt wonderful. I then brought Sam outside and we just chilled on the blanket. I can't believe that was the first time this year that I've sat in the backyard. Now I'm inspired to spend more time out on the blanket with Sam.

I also shuffled around some of the items into different point tier. Like flossing I only had worth 10 points. Meh. But I changed it to 25pt, now I'm interested! Dog walks are worth more too. And I added a few new things like going out as a family and spending time with friends.

I'm doing great with the Mind section, but I don't have many Body points. So many excuses why I'm not doing great (weather, time, Sam...). I'm trying to add more high point items to get me motivated. It's all good though, because it's a learning process. Learning how to balance this new life of mine and seeing what fits.


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