Monday, June 17, 2013

Rob's First Father's Day

We celebrate Rob's first Father's Day yesterday!

And what did we do? Well, only some of Rob's favorite things of course! We woke up way too early and drove down to South Carolina to our friends house. All the boy are training for an ultra marathon and it was their big run day of 20 miles. So off they went running while us girls got to stay in a nice cool house eating yummy breakfast and chatting.

After the boys got back about 4 hours later, we cooked out (southern speak for grilling). And we drank good beer. Not only is this a group of runners, but we are a group of beer snobs. We had tried some pretty good beer. Rob throughly enjoyed himself. It was a great time hanging out with our friends. Even Sam had a good time. He got to hang out with fellow baby Levi and they did a little baby talking, so cute!


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