Friday, June 21, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 11 weeks

We went to our first baseball game with Sam last Saturday! Sam was totally chill, just sitting and looking around. Yay, we can take him out in public, hee hee. It was also the first time I wore him in the Ergo carrier in public. I loved it! It was so comfortable and easy to get around. Way easier for me than the car seat.

Sam's new favorite thing, his fist. He loves putting it in his mouth and munching on it. He'll even talk while he's doing it. So cute! I've tried putting other things in his mouth, like teethers or toys, but nope, only his first or my hand.

Another thing his totally digs is bath time. He just chills there while I get him clean. The other night I filled the tub where he was half way submerged and I let him "play" in the water. He loved it, kicking his little legs around and cooing. Then we dry off and I put lotion on him, which he'll sometimes talk to me then too.

I'm so amazed and proud of our little guy. He is such a laid back baby. Sam doesn't really cry unless he's hungry or wants to be held and if he does cry, he is abled to be calmed down rather quickly. We haven't had many full on red faced screaming moments either. I'm so grateful.

It's shedding time! I didn't think my hair would really fall out since it didn't change much while I was pregnant. But, I'm leaving strands everywhere. Sam even had one in his mouth the other day *vomit*

Earlier this week I got plugged milk duct. For some reason I thought I'd be exempted from these things since I don't make a lot of milk to begin with, but nope! And it hurt! I think I got it because I wore my underwire nursing bra a couple days in a row and I had some pretty stressful days last week. On Monday night I took a nice hot bath and gave my girls a massage. It totally worked! By the next morning I was pain free. Yay! *

*tmi? you're the one reading this blog! i'm glad to know that you now know what i did with my boobs in the bathtub, ha ha


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