Monday, June 10, 2013

Nursery Tour!

We finally got around to hanging up the prints we got for Sam's room and we hung up the mobile. So I present Sam's nursery! I love his room. It's so calming and relaxing to me. I can't wait till Sam sleeps and uses this room more. Right now I'm starting to play with him in here, so he gets familiar with it.

The cuddling/ one day late night breast feeding/ one day reading corner. I love to hold Sam while sitting in the chair, looking out into our backyard. On the wall, I have this print and my mother's day present. On the floor we have the book bin. So many books!

The changing station and Benjamin the bear. On the shelf we have a dinosaur painting Rob made me a few years ago, a sock animal from the New York Comic Con, a Totoro stuffie from Japan, a vintage puzzle and Rob's baby shoes. Above the mirror we have a print  from, a crocheted stuffie, a Chan Pie Gnon teether and  a little buddha.

Sam's crib. We got those dinosaur prints from Fab. I made the mobile and the blanket. All the furniture is from Ikea by the way.

A close up of the mobile I made for Sam. I'm quite proud how it turned out! I used the same yarn for the birds as his baby blanket.


Angie Q-Olson said...

Oh Suzy! Sam's nursery looks so nice and peaceful ^_^ I love the mobile. It came out great

Dena Joan said...

the nursery looks gorgeous. now if only i can get roman's nursery clean (at least for a few minutes...) so that i can take some pictures. ;)

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