Friday, June 14, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 10 weeks

this has to be my new fav. picture of Sam

You know, not much going on around here lately. We are just working/in daycare and evenings are spent cuddling with him. That's it.

I'm still trying to find a good groove so I can squeeze in some exercising, but a lot of the time we get home, I feed Sam and then it's time for our dinner and I can't exercise after I eat and then it's time for bed. I know, excuses. I think I can start going to bed a little later now and get exercise before I go to bed.

Someone is starting to sleep longer at night! On Monday, after his midnight feeding Sam didn't wake up again till 5 am. It was amazing! We learned that if I feed him and then give him a small bottle, he'll sleep much longer. Kind of a duh, but he usually falls asleep after I feed him, so I would think that he's not hungry anymore. Now if we can get him to just wake up at 5 each time, because when he wakes up at 4am I have an hour and a half before I actually need to get up. Either way, it feels awesome to start getting longer periods of sleep!

Oh pesky hormones! They are causing me to breakout like a teenager. They cause me to be snappy and moody. They cause me to be up and down about my body image. It's funny because it was ok to feel these things while pregnant, but now that I'm not anymore it's like you expect to be all normal. And you know it's the hormones that are causing me to write this; )


Dena Joan said...

i can't get over how cute sam is! also, i totally feel you on the hormones/body image thing. UGH... we'll get there. ;)

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