Monday, July 1, 2013

Pretty pictures

For my birthday I got a new camera. I've been wanting a good camera for a long time. I chose the Canon EOS Rebel T3, it's a great beginners digital slr and at a great price (for a slr). I want to be able to take nice pictures of Sam not only for me, but our families since they are so far away. And we don't ever need to go to a studio to get family portraits!

Since it's a good camera, I really want to learn it and not rely on the auto settings. I've even been watching videos on Canon's website. You'd think that I'd remember my photography basics from college, but I did get a D so maybe not. Hey, but I was the first in my class work in Photoshop instead of the darkroom!

Anyways! Here are a few photos that I took over the weekend. I need to work on focusing, a lot of the pictures are blurry on the main subject, but sharp just a bit aways. Either way, these still look amazing. I love my camera!

Faith by the window

Rob took this one



I love those toes!

Totoro on Sam's shelf.


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