Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shaping Up: 3 months post baby

bathroom shot!

I wasn't going almost wasn't going to write a shaping up post this month, but I want to be honest here even if I still have made no progress.

Yes, I again didn't lose anything. In fact, I actually gained some weight. Right now I'm at 131 lbs.

I'm not upset, which is good! I'm just stumped. Ok, I'm not exercising as much as I should and I'm eating healthier. But the week from my birthday to 4th of July was filled with bad eating and beers and it's not like before where a week of eating good will get me back to normal. I just can't use the tactics that I've used before.

I remind myself constantly that it's only been 3 months! That's such a short amount of time! And I also work, so my time is limited. I do what I can. Besides when I get home from work, it's more important for me to play with Sam than exercise.

Next month I'm going to start running again. Rob will be finished with his ultramarathon training and will be taking a breaking before he starts training for NYC marathon. That gives me a chance to be able to run on weekend mornings, which I'm excited about. Running is being outside, which is what I crave. With Sam right now, I'm pretty much stuck sitting most of the day.

So yeah. I didn't lose anything. Which is ok, it's all about how I feel and know that I will lose the baby weight.


Dena Joan said...

you look amazing! sam is so lucky to have a mama who is as devoted to him as you are. <3 <3

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