Friday, July 19, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 15 weeks

Oh sleep. Why is baby sleep the thing everyone talks about? Why are we so obsessed about it? Why do we work so hard to get that baby to sleep on our terms? 

This week it became clear to me that when Sam sleeps in the pack 'n play, he wakes about every 2 -3 hours throughout the night. Doesn't sound too bad right? Well, when he sleeps in his swing or the sleeper he'll sleep 4+ hours. Last night 7 hours straight! From 9pm-4am! That's also with no formula bottle and just breast milk in the evening (breast milk is easier to digest so babies tend to eat more often). 

When he sleeps in his pack 'n play, he's more fidgety. His little legs flail about. He's too big and strong for blanket swaddling and the Halo Sleep Sak doesn't really hold his legs tight. I know Sam can't sleep in the sleeper all the time. He's going to eventually have to get used to just sleeping in the crib...but it's so dang awesome when I can get that extra sleep. I told Rob that I'm going to start trying more to have him nap in his nursery in the crib. If he gets used to that, then he'll be used to the crib at night.


This boy is just on the verge of so much! Sam is soooo close to rolling over from his back to belly! Every day I think he's going to do it. Even at 2am when he's trying to fall asleep and I'm half awake myself, I wonder if I need to run and grab my phone to record him rolling over. Most likely though, he'll roll over at daycare first, heh.

Another thing (and my most favorite), Sam is so freaking close to laughing! He giggled so very briefly on Monday. It was amazing! But of course, he has yet to do it again and I try so hard to get him to laugh. Although, since he is so close, he has the biggest smiles when he thinks something is funny.

This week he added "B" sounds to his vocabulary. He's refining his G's too. He's so proud of it too! Sam's also starting to look at our faces more when we talk. He's trying to figure out how Mommy and Daddy makes those awesome sounds.


I'm doing pretty good! I feel balanced inside. I am struggling with losing weight, one reason I haven't written this month's Shaping Up post (but i should anyways). But I decided I'll still be easy on myself until Rob finishes training for and running his ultramarathon, I'll then start running myself on weekends mornings.


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