Friday, July 26, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 16 weeks

Me and Newton are trying to get Sam to roll over again.

It's been a week since I've been putting Sam to sleep in the infant sleeper. Glorious sleep! Sam sleeps so much sounder in there, giving us much needed sleep too. We usually put him to bed around 7:30-8pm and he won't wake up again till around 12 where he gets a bottle. After that, he won't wake up till around 5. That's awesome! I understand he can't always sleep in the sleeper, but for now I think it's better for everyone, including Sam, to get the best rest possible.

Last weekend we headed over to the Farmers Market. It was a lot of fun to just get out as a family. We had some awesome popsicles and I got this amazing breakfast oat cookie, which I now want to try making my own. Afterwards, we went and walked around Davidson College, which is right next to the market. It's such a nice campus with lots of trees. Sam was asleep, but me and Rob enjoyed the stroll. It was such a wonderful and simple outing.

Sam rolled over! His first roll over was last Saturday! How exciting. Daycare says he's been now rolling over for them too. His crib paper now says, "I can roll over". I'm told he'll sometimes nap on his belly now. Funny because he doesn't do that at home.

Sam's also totally over just laying down all the time. He's always grunting trying to pull up his head. We try putting him in the bumbo, but he doesn't like it that much right now. I think because his core is still weak, so he's just hunched in it. Daycare put him in the exersauser and he loved it. He loves to be able to be upright and look around. I was really hoping I didn't have to get one of those since we're trying limit the amount of toys and clutter. But if he really enjoys being upright, it might be a good thing to get him. There's a consignment expo going on this weekend, I might head over there and check out to see if they have any.

I'm feeling great! I think it's mostly because I'm getting good sleep. I feel I'm eating better too.

I'm thinking about joining some sort of fitness class to jump start me getting back into shape. It'll also be good for me to get out and work out with a group. My co-worker totally recommends trying out Purre Barre . It sounds like a lot of fun and it's close by to home. Rob thinks it's a good idea too!


Dena Joan said...

Ah, rolling over! So exciting. <3 <3 Roman is so big, Suzy! He is 16 pounds already. I wonder if he will ever roll over. LOL

Suzy said...

16 pounds already?! Woah! I don't think Sam's that big yet and he's a month older than Roman: )

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