Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pump it, Pump it good

So this past weekend in efforts to boost my supply, I did a power pump weekend! On Saturday and Sunday I pumped about every 2 hours during the day and feeding Sam when he was hungry. I also made these lactation cookies, bought new tea and a bottle a fenugreek herbs.

And the results?

For two nights in a row, Sam has not needed a bottle at the 3am feeding!

And pumping at work?

Well, I learned an important and sad fact on Monday. My pump sucks! I have the Ameda Purly Yours, which I got through my insurance (the Medelas kept selling out*frown*). But the Ameda one got very good reviews, some say it worked better than the Medela pumps. Over the weekend I tried out our friend's Medela pump to see how it works compared to mine. It worked real nice, but it was hard to tell if I was getting extra since my body was still adjusting to the increase of pumping.

Monday came and I was excited! I felt great. I could already feel a difference! And then I went and pumped with my Ameda...and did horrible. I barely got anything, no more than before the weekend. I seriously wanted to cry, all the hard work for nothing. I noticed that I didn't react the same way as I did with the other pump. So then today I brought the Medela pump to work and BAM! I got more in one pump than I did total yesterday with my Ameda pump. I actually have enough for a bottle for Sam tomorrow, yay! Oh and I believe the fenugreek pills helped too. Much cheaper that the other herbs I was taking too.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm sure the Ameda pump does work great for most people, but maybe since I'm not most people it's not the right pump for me.

Could that have been what I needed all along, a different pump? That's my fault for not renting the hospital pump when the lactation consultant recommended it. But when you breast, bottle and pump every two hours with a newborn for 3 weeks with barely any progress...it's incredibly stressful and tiring and I thought that it wouldn't have worked.

But no use beating myself up over it. I accomplished what I set out to do. I increased my supply and I'm proud and happy for that!! My friend is letting me borrow her pump for as long as I need it. Yay!


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