Friday, July 5, 2013

Sam & Suzy: 13 weeks

3 months

Sam's 3 months! He's officially a baby! Gone is the 4th trimester! Now the fun will really begin and Sam will be growing and developing like crazy.

How was everyone's Independence Day? Ours was low key this year. We went to our boss's house for a bit. Sam got to swing on the swing set and he loved it. Next year he'll be able to go in the pool and play with the other kids. Afterwards, we chilled at Rob's parents with everyone. Surprisingly, Rob lit off no fireworks and this is us who always has the cops show up at our house. Sam did great all day with everyone and all the excitement...but when he got tired, he was pretty cranky. Needless to say he slept good last night.

Somedays he's just the same little baby doing the same things and then bam, he does something new and he's grown so much in the blink of an eye. Sunday I noticed him grabbing at his stuffed animal and looking at it. Like really paying attention to it. Also, when he bats at stuff his hands are open rather than in a fist. That's some big stuff happening in his brain!

He's also a lot more vocal. He still does the cute goos, but now he does more talking with longer "words". Sam 'specially loves doing this when he's slightly annoyed. "Waaaaa wa wa" aka I'm getting hungry and I could use a nap. He's also been crying a bit more too. It's mostly when he's tired and this week he's been staying at Rob's parents, so there's a lot more one on one attention and his schedule is a bit off. It's ok though, he is a baby afterall.

Getting my period last week got my hormones all screwy and I've had some bad anxiety this week. I really do notice an improvement when I take my placenta tincture. I feel a bit more clear headed. I go to the doctors today, so I'll ask him about it. But when I'm feeling great, I'm feeling great! And Sam makes me feel better too, 'specially when it's just me and him and he's all talking to me.


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