Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank you EarthFare!

Right before New Years, EarthFare (one of my fav. grocery stores) held a contest on Facebook asking to share your New Year's Resolution. The winner would get to spend $100. Well, you can guess what happened since I'm writing about this!

Yes, I shared my resolution and I won!! How amazing and awesome is that?! Sprout is just becoming one lucky baby!! First REI, now this. I'll soon be offering belly rubs for good luck.

This is what I wrote:
"2013 marks the year I become a mom for the first time! So my resolution is to instill healthy habits to our baby that will carry on through life, by the products and food we give and through our own actions. And since I'll be pregnant for almost the first half of the year, what I eat and the products I use can also affect the baby. So, I aim to eat better and make sure any products I use are safe for the baby."

On Sunday Rob and I headed on over to the store and had fun with our shopping spree! Since it was sprout who inspired my resolution, it was only right to buy baby things. EarthFare has a great selection of natural and toxic free baby products. We got a few glass bottles, a sippee cup, a training sippee cup, hair brush, nail clippers, pacifiers, a nipple attachment for water bottles, teether and some extra nipples for the bottles. I also treated myself to some pregnancy tea and ointment.

I am truly grateful to EarthFare for choosing me as the winner and allowing us to buy such wonderful products that I know are good for our baby. I can't express how much I love that this store is just down the street. It feels good to go in there and know that I don't have to worry about what's in the food and products I buy.


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