Sunday, January 6, 2013

26 weeks

No belly picture this week. The room that we take the photos in is currently filled with furniture from the old guest bedroom. But let me tell you, I am getting bigger and rounder!

The old guest bedroom is no longer a guest room! It is now officially the nursery! We painted the walls this weekend. I have been waiting to do that for months now. As you can see in the photos, we went with a grey, which when you first hear it you'd think it's a weird color for a nursery, but it's actually a really nice and fun color when decorated with accent colors. I'm so excited to finally get this room looking like an actual put together room. Even when it was just our guest bedroom, it was just thrown together. But soon, it'll have real furniture and decorations and all that good stuff. And because we are moving the guest bedroom into the other room across the hall, we'll have to fix that room up as well. And when buying paint for the nursery, we bought paint for our bathroom, which is another room I've been dying to paint. Painting these rooms just makes this house more ours.

Another thing I did this weekend was crochet something for the baby. I made one of those stuffed animal heads that's attached to a blankie. I've seen those around and thought it's a great idea for kids. Kids like stuffed animals and kids like blankies! I made a sprout one! I didn't follow any sort of pattern other than how to make a crotched ball and some leaves. I think it came out pretty cute. I used some green cotton yarn I had laying around since I wanted to make this now and not have to go to the store. It's funny because I had *just* enough yarn. I really hope our baby will like it.

Other than that I've been feeling pretty good. Earlier this week I was feeling pretty achy and uncomfortable around my tummy. A lot of growing is going on in there and it's stretching me out. Such a weird feeling. But I did some yoga and I keep up with my stretches every day to help. Since I've been feeling good, I even took the dogs on a good walk on my own this afternoon. I was so happy to make the entire route, which I haven't done in months. It's not like it's a long route or anything either. It felt good to get some sunshine and fresh air and I know the dogs enjoyed it too.

Sprout has been moving more and more. I think we may have a schedule here too! Sprout is most active around 9:30-11 at night, then a bit in the morning around 7:30-8. The night time is just fun. I was bugging sprout on Friday by pushing on my belly. Sometimes it'd respond back, like "Ugh mom quit bugging me!" Last night I think it got the hiccups, it was small movements that repeated a few times. I just love it!


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