Sunday, January 13, 2013

27 weeks

Again no official belly shot this week. I think we may need to find a new spot since I can't foresee the guest room getting cleaned out any time soon.

I'm at the point now where I lose track of what week I'm at. Being pregnant is all I know and can remember. It's who I am. Was I really that skinny girl over 6 months ago?

Today we bought our nursery furniture! I finally got to go to Ikea and buy the furniture I've been looking at for so long now, over a year maybe? Before we started, we needed to fuel up with some coffee (decaf for me) and a slice of chocolate, because, as you all know, Ikea is exhausting. That's so why Ikea has a cafeteria, they know you need all the energy you can get to go through their store. But we did it! We got a crib, a mattress, a dresser, lamp and night stand. There's more we'd like to buy, but I need to see the room with the basics set up to really picture it. I'm also so happy that Rob and I totally agreed on everything, which made it so much easier.

Currently we only have the crib and nightstand put together. The trip to Ikea and our weekly shopping tuckered us out. The room already looks amazing! I'm incredibly happy!

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good, 'specially after Monday and the doctors visit on Tuesday. My growing belly is really starting to stretch on top. I often feel burning and tightness. I'm totally loving Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter. And last night I watched my belly tremble as sprout moved around. No creepy alien pushes yet, which I really hope I don't see, heh.

It's all really starting to sink in now. At this past Bradley Method class, we talked about the first stage of labor. That was really the first time I felt anxiety over going into labor. I know feeling like that won't help, so I took a deep breath and shook out those negative thoughts. This is something I has no choice but to go through and while it my be hard and painful, this is what having a baby is all about. This is why we are even taking this class, to prepare each other for that final moment before we have our baby. As long as I keep taking good care of my body, doing the stretches, exercising, practicing relaxation, keep smiling and have having positive thoughts and study what we've learned, then I've done all I can do and that's more than enough, even more that what most people do.


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