Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Second Trimester Recap

Oct -Jan

Oh glorious Second Trimester can you stick around a little bit longer please? You were such a delight! I felt so great and normal...normal! So many awesome things happened, my belly grew and I started to feel our little baby move around.

I remember those first few weeks when my belly started to grow and I thought that that was big. Ha ha, I was showing my belly off thinking I totally looked pregnant. More like beer belly! Now I look pregnant and to think it's going to be even way bigger! I'll look back thinking that this was just a mere beer belly in comparison.

Being pregnant became real. It is my way of life now. Hard to image myself not being pregnant. Hard to image that the Suzy from just 7 months ago is no longer. Ok, I'm still me, but I'm a different and better me and the me I'll be after we have the baby will also be a different and better me. It's actually really exciting!

My Second Trimester Tip:
Stay positive!
Sometimes it's hard not to get sucked into all the books, blogs, internet articles and stories from other people. You'll hear about all the horror stories and scary symptoms. I stayed away from all that as much as possible. I don't read any pregnancy books. I only read positive blogs. And if I have a concern, I ask my doctor. (ok sometimes I did look up stuff on the internet, but I took it with a grain of salt)

Lately I'd been reading birthing stories...and I will admit, it got me a little freaked out. So I told myself that I need to stop and just focus on me. Everyone is different! My labor will be completely different than everyone else's.

Practice relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation...anything that helps you focus on the amazing thing that's happening right now to your body.

But staying positive has tremendously helped me. Everyone keeps asking how I feel and I always reply, "I feel awesome!!" Yeah, I have days and moments where things aren't so great, but in the big scheme, I am happy all the time.


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