Sunday, January 20, 2013

28 weeks

Holy cow! The third trimester! 3 more months! 12 more weeks! We're almost there!!

I only have 3 more months to get my body and mind as ready as I can get. I've reserved some books at the library on meditation during pregnancy and labor. The guest room is all cleaned out now, so I can resume my yoga. And the treadmill is now in that room too so I can walk when the weather is crappy. Rob and I will continue to practice our Bradley Method exercises and relaxation techniques. I feel good about all of this!

Yesterday we went to Babies R Us and started our registry. That's one store that I hope to not have to go back to a lot. It's so overwhelming in there. We started out great and it was easy. By the time we got to the little things like bottles and pacifiers, we were wiped out and it was all just badly organized, least that's what we thought. And don't even get me started on the lack of gender neutral clothing, grrr. But we did it! Which we then treated ourselves to Mellow Mushroom pizza for dinner.

This morning I went to Target and set up a registry there as well. Babies R Us is great for the big things, but Target is great for little things and more modern looking items. Their clothing was a bit better too. Target carries some of the brands I really like like Skip Hop.

Overall I think we picked out a lot of good things. We didn't go overboard with silly stuff like diaper pails or wipe warmers. I learned a lot when we registered for our wedding like getting things that seemed great, but ended up not using it. Also, I figured people who are already parents will know what are the essentials and get those for us first. Two registries kind of seems like a lot, but I like giving people options and a lot of variety and whatever is not purchased, it's a great to-buy list for us. Plus having the Baby List, totally helps lump it together. It's such a relief to have that all done.

I am still feeling pretty great. My back has been bothersome this week. I am overdue on my chiropractor appointment, but I'll see how a bit of yoga helps. My appetite is still normal. My mood is awesome. Sleep can be a bit better sometimes. I have been peeing a lot more. My stamina was great today. Stores and cleaning and I don't feel the need to nap. Nice. I'm going to relish these last few weeks of this feeling this way before the uncomfortableness settles in.


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