Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby List

Is it really that time to start thinking about registries?!

Actually, I feel like that about everything baby related lately. To which Rob likes to remind me that we have just a few more months.

So yes, it's time to start thinking about these things.

I happened upon Babylist while reading my fav. geek girl blog The Mary Sue. Basically it's an internet wide baby registry where you can add baby products from any site like Etsy, Amazon, Target, ThinkGeek. I really like that idea because I see baby products everywhere that I'm like, "I totally want that and it'd be cool to have something like that on a registry."

So naturally I thought we should start one (just cuz it's so cool). We live in a far away state and I would think that it'd be easier for our friends and family to shop online. I believe I can link other registries of ours to it too, like say Target. I was excited to see that I can also add something like a gift subscription or service, like I added Honest Diapers, a eco-friendly diaper service, which we get told often that babies need diapers more than anything.

I'm still playing around with it, adding a few things from here and there. We still need to do our brick and mortar registry for people who like touching things and not ordering on stuff on the web (and for those things that I need to touch and see as well). But for now, we've got this going on.

Check us out: Baby Biddiscombe


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha - we had no idea what we were doing when we put things on our registry. The things we used the most ended up being the Boppy pillow, cradle swing, and breast pump. Good luck!

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