Friday, October 12, 2012

Pregnancy Ups & Downs

This week on Pregnancy Ups & Downs,

Pregnancy Ups:

- I am now feeling about 90% back to normal. It's like a breath of fresh air!

- My belly is growing! More noticeable to just me, but I just get so giddy and I constantly look at myself in the mirror, hee hee.

- As always, I am so happy and grateful that I am pregnant and that it's going so well. We've waited for this day for so long and it just makes it that much more special to us.

Pregnancy Downs:

- These headaches kind of suck and there's nothing really I can do about it other than just bare through it. It's usually when I'm around smells that bother me, which then makes the smell that much worse.

- I'm starting to get hungry more often, which is frustrating because I do snack a lot to begin with. I'll also be starving by the time I get home and I have a few snacks before Rob gets home for dinner and twice I've practically lost my appetite, lame.

- I'm at the stage where I want to start buying some more clothes, 'specially with the weather getting cooler, but I know I'm just going to get bigger quickly and it's still too soon for maternity clothes. Not a super down, more like a mild frustration.


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