Monday, October 8, 2012

13 Weeks

Looks like I still have one more week in my first trimester. So many sources say different things, but it seems like most says 14 weeks, what I always thought before too.

So one more week!

Look at that shirt! I'm starting to fill it in! I'm getting rounder more around the upper area rather than just in the lower area. You should see me after dinner time, it's quite comical.

This weekend we went to Asheville, NC for a much needed mini vacation. It was so great because I felt awesome! No queasy, no headaches, things smelled fine, food was yummy, sleep felt good...lovely. The only hint that I had that I was pregnant was slowing walking around The Biltmore for a couple hours really wore me out. My legs were shaky a bit once we were finished with the tour.

This was also the first time were we ate out a lot. I had to be careful what I ordered. A lot of the stuff I wanted had cheeses that I'm not allowed to have. No bacon wrapped mission figs with goat cheese for me. Most meals, I just ate half my order and saved the rest. And I think that really helps me not feel queasy because when we got home, I had a big lunch and ate more than I should've and I felt sick for the rest of the day.

Next week I have my monthly check up. I love going to the doctors, it just makes things feel a bit more real.


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