Friday, October 5, 2012

Pregnancy Ups and Downs

sprout - 12weeks 3 days

I thought I'd start a weekly pregnancy ups and downs. Fridays sound like a good day!

Pregnancy Ups:
- We got to see sprout again! Our screening ultrasound went really well and sprout moved around quite a bit after some poking from the ultra sound teach. We even got to see it turn. Amazing!!

- I am feeling about 80% normal now. I usually only feel icky after big meals and well, my headaches are a pain, but *shrugs* comes with the territory.

- I started sleeping with my Leechco pregnancy pillow (that I got a garage sale, but it was clean and I cleaned it again myself!). A little early, but I've been getting pain and tingling in my hips so I knew I needed to sleep with a pillow between the knees and this Leechco pillow is awesome! I have better quality sleep when I actually do get to sleep.

Pregnancy Downs:
- While the Leechco pillow is amazing, I still wake up a lot and often have a hard time falling back asleep. And this marks the first week I had to pee more than once at night and getting a charlie horse. Good-bye sleep.

- Smells still really bother me and I've noticed that that's what usually brings on my headaches. Smells that are the worst are garbage, cigarette smoke, heavy air fresheners and the litter box.

- I haven't exercised since Saturday and I've only walked the dogs once this week. I'm trying to tell myself that it's only the first trimester and soon I'll have the energy and will to get moving again.


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