Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getaway to Asheville

As I mentioned in my last post, Rob and I went to Asheville this past weekend for a last minute, but much needed getaway.

Friday Rob dropped the dogs off at the doggy day care, picked me up from work and then we were off to the mountains!

This weekend was all about indulging, relaxing, destressing, taking it slow and enjoying each other's company. We've, more so Rob, been under a lot of stress these past few months and with Rob's birthday on Monday and our anniversary coming up, well...how could we not go somewhere.

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo, this swanky, but laid back new hotel in Asheville. What a great place!! Everything was decorated so modern, but not in a stuff lux way. And everyone was so friendly and helpful. We treated ourselves to the suite, which was lovely and we had a great view of the mountains. The shower was amazing and there was even Aveda products for the toiletries.

Friday we stayed in and had dinner at the restaurant at the hotel. It was very yummy. I had pizza and Rob steak with these amazing scalloped potatoes. I was happy that they had sparkling lemonade to drink since I'm limited to what I can drink. We got a wild blueberry cobbler to bring to our room. Yum.

Saturday Rob got up super early to run in the gym since he's training for the NYC Marathon. I got to wake up on my own and take it nice and slow since there were no dogs bugging me for breakfast. It was such a nice moment for me. After Rob got back we had breakfast at the hotel. I had a fresh made croissant with egg and fresh made sausage and Rob had steel cut oatmeal. We decided we didn't want to do what we always do in Asheville, walk around downtown looking at all the same places we always look at. So we decided to finally check out the famous Biltmore house/mansion/castle.

We were surprised to find that it was barely a 10 minute drive to get to the Biltmore. Even more surprising when you see how much open land it's on. I think I read it's like on around 125,000 acres. The house itself was just grand. We spent the afternoon walking through the rooms and such, all still set up from the early 1900's. We even got to see an old fashion basement pool, it was so big! I wish it was filled to really see it.  And the view from the terrace....breath taking! Just hills and woods, not a modern building in site. Walking the house took us about 2 hours and we were beat afterwards. We then drove to the Antler Village on the grounds to check out that area and have some lunch. Sadly we didn't go to the winery, not really exciting when you're pregnant. Oh and how jealous I was of everyone on their bikes going around the property, how awesome would that be? I'd go again just to be able to bring my bike and ride around the property. I'm really glad we went to the Biltmore. It just relaxed me even more, even with all the crowds. It was just so nice seeing some american history.

Since we were exhausted, we decided to stay in that night. Not before we made a stop at a beer store for Rob, who got some pretty sweet beers. Jealous. We just spent the rest of the night watching crappy cable and me eating leftovers and Rob a wrap from the hotel.

Sunday we got up bright and early, had breakfast. I got the steel cut oatmeal this time with dried apricots, walnuts and honey....pregnancy super meal! I even treated myself to a decaf soy latte.
Then it was time to head home.

It was just so nice to get away. I told Rob we'll have to do this a couple more times before the baby comes. Maybe not splurge like we did, but just to get away and clear our heads. Like I mentioned before, I felt amazing during this trip, no pregnancy symptoms at all. Lovely.


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