Friday, October 19, 2012

First Trimester Recap

I meant to post this earlier this week:

I survived the First Trimester!

As someone who's been on the road trying to get pregnant for 2 years, that's a huge thing. I did it! My body did it! Our baby did it! We are a kick ass team! Seriously, nothing makes you feel more proud of yourself and body than being pregnant.

I had an amazing first trimester. My morning sickness was never really more than just feeling icky and kind of queasy, but no throwing up or gagging even. Food aversions were sucky just because I wasn't eating as healthy as I used to eat. Smells were also kind of bad, that was the only thing that caused me to be hormonal and cry. Poor Rob does his best to keep the litter box clean, but I just always smell it. I can still smell last's nights dinner upstairs in the bedroom. And after a month, I don't smell the cleaning products from when we had a cleaning service come to the house. Exhausting! But! It all could've been worse and I'm grateful for how easy I had it.

The first trimester is almost like playing pretend. Sure, the doctors confirm you're pregnant and you look at the screen and see a little baby and you hear its heartbeat....but it just doesn't feel real! You don't have a bump and you might get bigger, but it's more like feeling bloated than anything. You can't feel anything since the baby is so tiny. All you can do is take good care of your body and hope that whatever's in there likes it and stays for the ride. Surreal is the word that expresses my first trimester.

My First Trimester Tip:

Don't be afraid to change or try different prenatal vitamins.

I had been taking the same prenatal vitamins for over two years and I never had a problem with them. They were great and had all the right stuff plus more.

When I went for my first OB appointment, I got tons of prescription prenatal samples. Some actually sounded pretty good. I tried one out and amazingly the next day I felt awesome! Like half of my morning sickness symptoms and my dry mouth were gone. Coincidence? Whatever, I feel great.


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