Monday, October 15, 2012

14 weeks

Finally!! I am in my Second Trimester. Such a huge milestone! I'm at the point now where if anything really bad were to happen to the baby, it would've happened. I still run the risk of course, but not like the first trimester. We're riding this till the end!

And it's true, once you get to your second trimester, you feel great again. This past week has been the best I've felt since I got pregnant. Headaches and a bit of food aversions were the most annoying thing. Even sleep has been better. I still wake up a lot and even go to the bathroom, but I fall back asleep quickly and sleep more soundly. It could also be from the cold weather too, what ever the case, I am happy. I've also gotten my energy back. I've been walking the dogs more and I even helped Rob with some yard work and I felt great. I even feel motivated to start doing my chiropractor instructed exercises cuz I'm really going to start needing a strong and healthy core to help ease back strain.

I bought two pairs of maternity pants on Saturday from Kohls. I was having a particularly bad body image and clothes dilemma that morning and Rob was kind enough to let me shop after our lunch. Trying on those pants felt awesome! Fitting into something that fit good just made me feel so much better. I could've bought normal pants at a bigger size, but ya know, I'm going to need maternity pants eventually. And while the belly band does help, I still find it a little annoying to wear. Now I just gotta start buying some maternity tops. Let me tell you, this stuff ain't cheap. Thankfully, there's always a sale somewhere.

I have my monthly OB checkup this Tuesday. I really don't know what to expect. Another ultrasound? Either way, I am excited. I also have a lot of questions, mostly concerning traveling. We've got a long road trip and air travel coming up. I'd like to get some tips on that.

Good things happening here!


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