Monday, October 29, 2012

16 weeks

It's funny, I didn't think I got any bigger this week and I was just feeling bloated, but looking at this picture and comparing it to last week...yeah, there's a difference!

This weekend we went to our local Mills mall. I am running low on clothes to wear, so I thought I'd check out Old Navy and such for maternity clothes. We stopped in American Eagle first for Rob and it was just strange to be in there knowing it's pointless looking at clothes for me. I went into Aerie afterwards since American Eagle gave us a coupon for Aerie. It was quite comical trying to figure out what bra size I am, but I just ended up getting a  comfy sweater for $15.

Now it was maternity clothes shopping. First stop, Old Navy. I had thought I could get some basic tees and such, but I really didn't find much. I tried on a pair of skinny jeans, but the belly band was too tight. Not very impressed Old Navy. I just got a tank top and Rob got a hoody and we got a Halloween costume for the baby (ha ha). I decided to check out Burlington Coat Factory and see what they had. Score! While I didn't get to really look through the tops much, I did buy 2 pairs of maternity jeans for about $16 a piece. Definitely going back there again when I start to get real big.

So I'm pretty good on maternity clothes for now. I have 4 pairs of pants now! I will need some more tops, but I think the pants will help me feel a lot more comfortable.

It's a constant struggle with me starting to get big. I'm the girl who always wears just slightly baggy or loose clothes. It comes from gaining and loosing a lot of weight and being self-conscious of my body because of all that. It's just weird for me now that I've got no choice for my body and stomach to just be out there and not hidden behind a shirt one size too big.


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