Wednesday, August 21, 2013

shaping up: 4 months post baby

mmm, green.

Yay! I'm 128! That's about 2 pounds less since last month.

Last week Rob's parents were in town and I ate as best as I could. But there was birthday cake, carrot cake and pizza. Also, I've had this cold for almost 3 weeks now, making it hard to me to really push myself in my gym classes. I still managed to lose something and that's great.

I feel like I have a good thing going on right now. I've been making green smoothies each morning, great way to get a veggie serving in. I've been good about eating and drinking beer. And I am totally enjoying the gym! I love Zumba and the Saturday class just kicks my butt. Water workouts are fun too. I am always the youngest, but that's ok! I have yet to try their yoga class since we've just been so busy over the weekends. The weather is starting to cool down and that means running and walking the dogs more.

It makes me happy that I've finally gotten into this grove. I've also been letting myself just enjoy going to the gym and being away from Sam. I can't wait to see how next month will be.


Mrs. Miller said...

Congrats! You are doing awesome! I've been on again, off again with working out. I need to get on that! I'm not a gym person, but I took a Zumba class once and it totally kicked my butt!

farzana hossain said...

PLZ share how you make the GREEN smoothies. I am dying to try!

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