Friday, August 30, 2013

sam & suzy: 21 weeks

This week I came to the realization that we never upgraded Sam to a level 2 nipple for his bottles. Gosh, I remember it being such a big deal for me when he was a couple weeks old that "He MUST have the level 1, slow flow! Don't give him anything else!!" Funny how easily you forget things and how things don't seem as desperate or dire as in those first few weeks.

We finally started using our glass LifeFactory bottles. Prekid they seemed awesome. Screw plastic! Ha ha, what a newbie! Ok they are still cool...but a bit on the heavy side and it won't fit in our bottle steamer. But the great thing about them is you can change the tops as your baby grows. So when he gets older, he can use it as a sippy. I'm even using the small bottle for myself to bring liquids to work.

I also got a cabinet all set up for him in the kitchen. I have his Baby Bullet, containers, extra bottles and such all neatly organized in there. And I brought down sippy cups and other big boy food stuffs to put in there because I know I'm going to forget all that! I can't believe he's going to start using sippy cups soon!

He sure is chatty lately! I think he likes to see how high pitched he can make his squeals. Ouch, my ears! It's funny because he was totally into blowing raspberries all the time a few weeks ago and I try to get him to do it now, but he's only into squealing.

I still can't tell if he's teething for not. We got an amber necklace, which I put on after daycare said he was fussy all day and not taking naps. Next day, with it on, they said we was much better. Was it related?

I think it's a common misconception is that postpartum hormonal issues last just a bit after giving birth. While I didn't get postpartum depression, I do have bouts of ups and downs even almost 5 months later. Like last night, I starting crying almost out of the blue over not being able to solely breast feed Sam. Um, I thought I came to terms with that and was in a happy place because I still could breast feed him! Fun times!


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