Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

How was everyone's holiday weekend?
Ours was pretty nice! We were going to drive to Charleston, SC and visit the aquarium, but I chickened out and decided that I'd rather stay close to home. I just wasn't sure if the 8 hours total in the car with Sam would be worth it.

walking around Davidson college.

On Sunday, we started the day with awesome breakfast at Toast. We sat outside under the trees, which Sam enjoyed. He was so good! Then we walked across to street to Davidson college and had a nice stroll. I like it when I can use the Ergo carrier, it's very comfortable. I love walking though the college campus, it's just so pretty with all its old buildings and trees.

We went home for a nap and bottle and relax time for me and Rob. We went back out and had lunch by the business park pond. Sam just loves to be outside, which makes me happy. Then we headed down the street to Discovery Place Kids, an amazing kids museum where they can play, learn and do all sorts of activities. I saw they had a baby area, so I thought it'd be fun to take Sam. Ok, so this place is awesome, but I think Sam was a bit overwhelmed to really enjoy himself and he was just a bit too young too. We put him in the water center and he just stared. He liked watching all the kids run around the most. I think we'll wait a few more months to bring him again. He's totally going to love this place when he's older.

at Discovery Place Kids

We relaxed at home for the rest of the evening. Sam had such a big day that he was falling asleep early. After his bedtime bottle he fell asleep right away and did not wake up until almost 6am! Woah!! He fell asleep again for a bit right after he ate and then took a long nap at around 10. That ended up being his last nap of the day. I guess he felt he got plenty of sleep.

We went shopping on Monday. Old Navy has cute fox clothes for boys. Me and Rob are suckers for foxes. Foxy Rob was my silly nickname for him when we first started dating. (I was Suzy Cat) Anyways! We went to Target and EarthFare as well. Sam did great at the stores. I carried him in the Ergo again.

riding like a big boy
We finished up the day with a walk with the dogs. I realized that Sam is able to sit in the stroller now without being in the infant carseat! After dinner we made him sweet potatoes. He loved them. He now knows that the spoon has food and grabs at the spoon and brings it to his mouth. He even finished all I put in the bowl for him.

sweet potatoes!

Pretty good weekend! I got to relax. We got to take Sam out to a bunch of places.


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