Wednesday, September 25, 2013

shaping up: 5 months post baby

Sorry about not doing our weekly post. Sam and I first got sick on Friday and I didn't feel like doing much other than survive work.

But here I am for this month's post baby body report!

walking along the small trail 

So this is where I hate the scale and how it's hard to compare by numbers. I lost about one pound and even that one pound comes and goes. Here's the thing though, my clothes tell a different story! I can now fit into more prepregnancy pants. I do need the help with a hair tie in the button hole sometimes, but hey that's fine by me. (Oh, I do have mention that a lot of my clothes do run on the bigger side. Years of losing weight and gaining, I tend to buy clothes that are a little bigger and not so body hugging.) Either way, it feels great wearing normal pants. I'm still pretty squishy in places, but we're working on that.

I've been going to the gym about twice a week. I want to go more, but we've just had so much going on. Zumba is such a great work out. An hour of dancing, can't beat that. We've also been walking a lot more. The weather is just amazing right now! It feels good to be more active.

I'm still loving smoothies for breakfast. Sometimes I see how much spinach I can fit in my cup, heh. I just love getting a good chunk of veggies taken care of first thing in the morning. And when you start the day off healthy, you tend to make better choices. Or if I feel like treating myself, I don't feel so bad about it. (Like that chocolate croissant I had last week.)

So yeah, numbers not good...but clothes are good. It's all about how you feel!


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