Sunday, September 29, 2013

sam & suzy: 25 weeks

I fell behind again on the week post!


We are all pretty much over with the cold that's payed a visit to our home. Sam's sleeping was derailed for a few days from being sick. Little be little he slept more, but those were a couple rough nights. I also learned that I need to keep that humidifier going if I want Sam to sleep good. Actually, I sleep better too.

He can finally sit up on his own! He's still a bit wobbly, but every day he gets better. When he first sat and stayed there, you could tell he was so proud of himself.

He's also starting to fine tune the use of his hands. Grabbing at things and trying to figure it out. Sometimes he'll just lay there staring up at his hand, turning them back and forth. Sam tries to hold his bottle all by himself too.

Seeing him do all that just makes me realize how much he's growing! It's pretty amazing to watch someone become a little human being.

Despite this cold kicking my butt, I refused to let it get me down! I've been working on staying positive and being happy. Not that I have much to get me down, but sometimes those little things add up. It's the middle of the night when Sam is crying that gets me the most. The Secret is now available on and I've been watching that for a couple weeks now. I love watching this. I am guaranteed to have an awesome day when I watch the Secret.

I should be back to my regular posting now. With the cold and work being busy, I haven't had much time to write.


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