Wednesday, September 18, 2013



That's where we are right now. Last Saturday was a hard day filled with tears. We thought we could survive going to a birthday party for a friend, but we ended up ordering our food to go and headed home after about 30 minutes being there. Then came the night. I've been so spoiled with sleep lately, but Saturday...whew. Sam was up every hour just crying. Poor guy. It wasn't until about 1am when I finally fell asleep and Sam slept for a good block of time. When we woke up that morning I saw two little nubs forming.

That's when I almost started crying. One for being sad of how much pain Sam is in. And two, he's just growing so fast! Soon he won't be a baby anymore and while I'm looking forward to it, it's just hard to imagine him being anything else like he is now.

The thing that soothes Sam the most (besides me) is chewing on wash cloths. He doesn't really care for teething rings, wooden rings and of course pacifiers. We got him this teether which he's really liking and he likes it as is, not frozen or wet. He likes the knotted nubbies. (which i know i could've totally made something like that myself) We also got the teething tablets, but have yet to use them since Sam hasn't been crying in pain.

Those suckers have yet to pop out! I see them, it's so close!


Unknown said...

Amelia has her 2 bottom teeth. I finally got her an amber teething necklace and it really seems to help. Other than that we give her Camila when needed. She likes to chew on the gum brusher when we clean her gums/teeth. Good luck. Hopefully those little will stop hurting soon.

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